"ABS have been supplying our farm with shavings for the past 9 years, they are very reliable for quality, supply and delivery."
- Hans & Linda Wolver

"ABS have been supplying my shavings for the past 8 years. The shavings are consistently of top quality. I have always found ABS to offer a punctual and reliable service.
I highly recommend them as a bedding supply company."
                            - Stanley Wilson

"The original Animal Bedding Supplies since 1998"

Animal Bedding Supplies, supplying quality kiln dried shavings for all your needs:

* Dairy cow   * Dairy goat   * Broiler chicken   * Horse stable   * Piggery

Servicing the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions
Animal Bedding Supplies - Cambridge


ABS has a consistent supply of shavings and pride themselves on excellent customer service and delivery.

We offer Summer Rates to take the stress out of the "Mad winter rush".