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kiln-dried wood shavings

Kiln-Dried Wood Shavings

Clean, dry, natural wood shavings produced from untreated, chemical-free renewable timber resources.  Low dust and odour. The highest-grade product for large-scale professional poultry-growing, diary-goat and calf-rearing operations.

Saw dust

Saw Dust

Clean, dry untreated saw dust for calf-rearing, piggeries and equestrian applications.

wood residuals and process products - Chipper fines

Chipper Fines

Our untreated chipper fines are perfect for your calf sheds and herd homes.

Baled Wood Shavings

Baled Wood Shavings

Ask us about our convenient shavings woolpacks that are easy to store and available on-hand when you need them. Our woolpacks of untreated, kiln-dried shavings contain approx. 1.2 cubic metres of material weighing 95 kgs.

Other wood residuals and process products

 Talk to us about your requirements — we may be able to source it for you through our quality suppliers.

OTHER SERVICES: Bulk Materials Haulage: Transportation of clean bulk products.

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